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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day 2011.

Thanksgiving day around here is usually very hurried and hectic for me. When we eat at momma's house I am usually up and down there by 6:30 getting the dressing ready and the Turkey in the oven then I don't stop until people are starting to arrive then I run home with barely enough time to change and get back to get things finished up and on the table. Today for some reason I had a very relaxed day. I was at momma's house with Sophie by 6:30 then home by 8. I had time to do the deviled eggs and sit for a little bit. I helped JD get his Turkey breast on the grill. I got all the clothes ironed and the kids dressed and Soph down for a nap and back to Momma's by 10:30. It was nice. Momma does her usual Roasted 25 lb turkey and JD does a smaller breast in the style of his choice. This year he put it on the grill and put a rub on it. It was fabulous!

It's fall!

JD the slice master getting all the 2 turkeys and ham cut up and plated nicely.

Some folks just hangin out on the deck eating cheese and crackers, having some egg nog enjoying the perfect weather and shooting the sling shot.

'Lil sure Lena shure shot.

Jen and Lena.

Pa and Sophie just checking things out.

Trey showing off his olive finger tips.

We had all the usual. We had roasted turkey, grilled turkey breast and ham. We had candied sweet potatoes, rice and gravy, lima beans, rolls, brocili and cauliflower au gratin, dressing, 2 kinds of cranberries, deviled eggs, stuffed celery, relish tray, coconut cream pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, Jennifer's peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge, Ambrosia and cranberry ginger ale. All the usuals.

Janet and Wayne just relaxing.

As tradition dictates in our family the baby gets a turkey leg.

Sophie wasn't sure what to do with it at first. I think she thought it was a new pet. She just kept setting there staring at me patting it.

Finally she took a nice big bite or 2 out of it. She loved it!

I think there were 20 people in all. All good friends and family.

After everyone has eaten all the food they can take we all head out to the back field and shoot some clay pidgeons. Everybody that wants to gets to shoot. Even the kids. We teach them young how to respect and behave around guns. Trey knows (as we did when we were kids) that you do notever touch a gun by yourself, you ask, but when you ask you get to look touch and even shoot if time allows. That way there is not air of mystery or being naughty. It's just part of life. Trey enjoys shooting and carrying his gun. He even hit one.

JD with Trey while he puts on his ear gear.

Sophie was with us. She was not scared one bit. When someone would shoot she would say, "Ahhhhhh" with wide eyes and clap. Everyone enjoys getting a round of applause when they shoot, especially when you miss.

My little country girl setting in the Tyre wagon petting Blackie.

Apparantly turkey makes you silly. Nope that's just her daily.

Lena planking on her mom and Sophie thinks it hilarious. Trey is at the back of the trailer pulling the skeet thrower. PULL!

Now to rest up for black Friday! See you at 4am.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog about today! It is obvious that family is important to you as it is with me! The picture of you and your daughter is beautiful! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is terrific! Your family looks like they are having a great time! You must have a lot to be thankful for! Looks like you guys had a big spread. Our tradition is letting each person pick their favorite and have it there. By the way I see where you guys had eggnog at Thanksgiving. I have never tried it before because I am not big on eggs. I hear it tastes like a melted milkshake! Keep up the awesome blog!