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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday 2011

The day after Thanksgiving starts mighty early for the women folk around here. We leave at 4am to head to Gainesville for the deals. Well we dont really go crazy for the deals we just like making the memories and getting in the crowd. Yes were crazy like that. We welcomed Selena and Sophie to the group this year. This was her first year going with us and she hung in there like a trooper. I think Soph went last year but she was really excited this year and did really well for a 16 mo getting up at 4 am. Meme and Paul were there as regulars and hung in there as the senior black fridayers. I got a lot of Christmas presents. I got some little stuff for Sophie, didn't get her big present yet, but got Trey's big present. I shall never tell so dont even ask! I love Black Friday. We go out to lunch after most of the goods have been bought. We went to Olive Garden this year (thats a usual for us too) Can I say I am a pro at packing a car. I love the crowds I love watching the people who are super serious and competitive about it (They are a hoot!) I Love getting out doing something different and just getting away. Now for the picture evidence.

Me doing a Black Friday plank on the red balls at Target.

Soph with her breadstick at Olive Garden.

Soph sharing that soggy breadstick with me after she had sucked most of the garlic off. MMmmmmm!

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Anonymous said...

Traditions are so important to a family no matter what they are. I think it is terrific that you have established traditions for your family! Keep up the awesome job! We have some great traditions in our family and the memories they create are priceless! By the way your daughter Soph looks so precious. I bet she makes you so proud!