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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sophie Saga

Tuesday was Sophie's 16 month physical. She is doing great! I know not much of a news flash lol. Her stats are: weight 28.13 lbs. Her height is 33 1/2 inches and she is 16 months old. She is in the 97th percentile for her weight, which she has been in all along and she is now in the 97th percentile for her height as well. She was in the 95th percentile. Looks like the WNBA might be calling soon. Dr. Randolph was impressed with how many words she can say (up, down, out, mama, dada, brother, papa, meme, nana, cow, eat, ear, velvet and lots others. She can repeat in her own version most of what we say.) She was impressed with the body parts she knows (head, feet, ears, tummy, belly button (thats her favorite), nose and eyes. And she was impressed with how many correct animal sounds she can make (dog, cow, sheep, duck, puppy, cat). She wants us to take her this coming week to have an allergy test done. There isn't one big reason just several reasons over time that have added up to her thinking it might be a good idea. Sophie has had a very runny nose and bad cough for several weeks that nothing seems to be helping. She has irritation around her mouth almost all the time. She has a spot of slight exzema on her tummy. All that combined with the hives she had no terribly long ago make her think it couldn't hurt to have the RASP test done. I'm thinking this will not be fun. But all in all she is doing great. She is a little mountain goat. She loves to climb and loves to ride the 4 wheeler. She is such a daddy's girl. If he goes outside she will run to the door and stand there with her little nose pressed against the glass until he returns or takes her with him. But when she gets clingy it's mom she wants. Dr. Randolph also said her gums are pretty swollen so it looks like she might be getting some of those back teeth in soon. She has been pretty clingy. JD thinks she cries more during the day than Trey did. I think he's delusional. We get her later at night and she is hungry and sleepy. They only do 1 nap at Happy House and that is in the morning. Most babies this age are getting 2 naps. Trey had 2 naps until he was well into his 2's. She misses that afternoon nap that makes her very sleepy when I am trying to cook dinner and then after dinner during homework and clean up time. She is the cutest baby around and has the best personality. She does not, however, take easily to strangers like Trey did at this age. She just stares at them with a blank look on her face. She loves her bruh bruh to death. HE can do NO wrong. He can dump water over her head in the tub and she laughs. I pour water over her and she freaks out like I'm trying to drown her. He can drag her down the hall by 1 leg and she just giggles. She loves him like crazy. She is a happy healthy girl and is a bright spot in my life.

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