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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trey's Hollywood Debut.

Trey had his first Kindergarten play. It was a Thanksgiving play. 2 of the Kindergarten classes teamed up and did it. The costumes were very cute, I was so impressed. It was of course very organized (I wouldn't expect anything else from CCE or Mrs. Brown's class!) Trey was one of 5 Narrators and a Pilgrim. He was also very proud because he was one of the ones chosen to go out ahead of everyone and stand at the door and hand out programs. The play told the familiar story of Thanksgiving. The kids did their parts wonderfully and they were all sooo cute. I was proud of them all.

Trey ans Mrs. Brown.

Trey and his best bud Miguel.

Trey and his biggest fan!

Trey and his Nana. Pa was there too but had to leave right after it was over to get to something at work.

Trey with Meme and Papa.

At the mic. He's a natural.

Trey is one of the 5 up front on the left. He is the one on the left of that group. Those are the 5 narrators and they sat or stood up front the whole time.

Trey doing some of the movements to one of the songs.

There was of course a Mayflower. Trey and another boy "sailed" the ship across the stage. It looked like rough seas but they made it to the promised land.

There was a little boy that sat in the middle of the stage with a turkey outfit on the whole time. He was cute.

Trey saying one of his parts.


~*~toni~*~ said...

Gee....I wonder where he gets that natural showmanship from......hmmmmm

~*~toni~*~ said...

BTW.....LOVE the pics!!!!