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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sophie Saga

So we all know that the "Trey of the Day" is something that Trey has said or done that is cute, funny, noteworthy or interesting. Well Sophie's version of that is the Sophie Saga. I Have a feeling there will start to be more and more of those. Look out for them. Today's Sophie Saga is the fact that this girl loves to dance. JD says she will dance to a door bell. She loves to do the chicken dance. When I start singing that (annoying) little tune she will start flapping her little arms and clapping. I am determined to get this on video but every time I whip that puppy out she wants to hold the camera and stops dancing and starts whining and running for the camera. ALso, when you ask her what a puppy says she say's, "ooffffffffffff" in this little high pitch yapping dog voice. So cute! She obviously got Trey's personality. Thank you Granny Hall for picking out the 2 perfect spirits to be with me.

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~*~toni~*~ said... made me cry!