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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deck the Halls...

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is our tree day (barring JD beng on call and having to work. If he does than we do it the next Saturday.) We go to Waffle House for breakfast and we go pick out our tree. We get an 8 ft. Frazier Fir. The needles are really soft and it smells fabulous. Yes it stays fresh until Christmas we just make sure to water it constantly. Yesterday I couldn't seem to get motivated or in the mood to decorate the tree. We got all the decorations out and I got the lights put on but seemed to stall there. Wayne's dive shop, Amigo's, has an annual party the Sat after Thanksgiving every year. There is food, a band, a bon fire and lots of people. We took the Tyre mobile over to his plae yesterday after I got the lights put on. Sophie loved the music and the hotdogs. Trey loved the hammock just being there. I loved them being entertained. We came back home and had Chilli that we had cooked in the dutch oven on the grill all day. It was really good. After that we did smores in the fire place while we waited for the most pitiful football game of the season, actually quite a few seasons. Fl vs. FSU. Needless to say the gators lost to a very sad seminole football team. Like a friend of mine put it: It was just one big girl fight. But the smores made it somewhat tolerable. I got a few more decorations put on the tree but not completed. Maybe today. Maybe today?

Sophie chillin trucker style at Waffle House before putting a hurtin on a bowl of grits and some of my hash browns.

My tree model doing what he knows his job is to help get the perfect shape tree. He knows what I like and he knows that if I don't say anything when he first picks one up go ahead and put it back, it's not the one.

Trey driving us home on the dirt road after bagging the perfect tree. (Put the phone down CPS already knows)

That's right people, that's Sophie setting on my lap on the dirt road CPS knows about that too.

The perfect shaped tree. It hasn't fallen out yet in this picture but there are no bald spots and it has a great shape. I like a nice full tree. I don't like a tree that's skinnier than me.

On the way home from Amigo's on the Tyre Mobile.

Daddy with Sophie listening to the band at Amigo's.

Trey acting like he is asleep on the hammock.

Sophie chillin on the swing by the fire pit.

The head Amigo at the grill.

Gettin all sugared up on Smores to try to dull the pain of the football game.

Nana had brought us some ginger bread cookies. Since I don't like chocolate much I usually just do marshmallow with graham cracker but I thought these little delicious guys needed a calling in life so I put them to work with a slightly toasty marshmallow. Fabulous!

See? I told you Fabulous. Thank you Trey for being my photographer.

Family love. I know I know it looks like sibling abuse or being held against ones will but I swear it's love (she was laughing like crazy!) And that makes it all worth it.

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