More Spice than Sugar.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


At Sophie's 16 mo physical the Dr wanted her to have an allergy test done. We went and had that done today. Thankfully it was only a blood test and not the skin scratch type. It was bad enough holding her down to get the blood drawn but to hold her down to get her back scratched repeatedly? I cant imagine. But she took it like a champ! She sat right there while they put the blue stretchy thing around her arm and while they felt for the vein. She only cried right when it went in and she was finished crying when they put the band aid on. She even gave the nice lady at the lab a high-5 when we left, she wouldn't hug her but she did high-5 her. Everyone there was taken with her by the time we were gone. I am anxious to see if she has allergies. Food allergies in one of my babies are one of my terrors. As picky as the boys are in this house when it comes to eating I cant imagine having to eliminate families of foods. Oh what a nightmare. So here's hoping it is some random food that no one will eat anyway and that is all alone and has no family of foods to have to cut out.

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