More Spice than Sugar.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As far as Halloween there are plenty of dress rehearsals before the actual event. This was our first. The Trunk-or-Treat at church. It is always really fun. Trey is a character from the movie Prince of Persia. Funny, none of us have ever seen this movie so I'm not sure what struck his interest bone about this one but something did. Sophie is my little bee, my queen bee if you will. I was a librarian and JD was, well, a fisherman. I know very creative on JD and my part. IT was lots of fun. We had chilli and hotdogs and played carnival type games until dark then went to the trunks for the treat part. All had fun and there was a good turn out.

My Prince and my queen.

All the kids together having a break from running like crazy people to eat a dog.

The men, and Soph, just chillin.

Shhhh, the librarian.

Of course Trey was right in the middle of the sack race.

The Price of Persia.

Sophie figuring out what Halloween is all about. CANDY!

The librarian and the nerd. The perfect combo.

The librarian, the Price and the bee.

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