More Spice than Sugar.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sophie's halloween festival at Happy House.

Mrs. Kathy at the front desk. Taking a day to pamper herself while at work. I need to do this at my work Mon. Hmmmmm.

The grounds keep Mr. Noel MADE this costume for himself.

Hey young lady dont look at me in the tone of voice.

Just checkin out the loot bag.

Going diggin in the treasure chest with the nicest witch I know.

Yep she's a Tyre and a Kinard. She's great at fishin.

Doin the tunnel crawl like a pro!

Bowling like a champ.

Getting all tatted up. She got a spider web with a cute orange spider. She sat there like such a good girl.

Of course Happy House had a great halloween festival. There was good fun for all the little kids. They are so cute and she is so good it made me a little teary eyed to leave her and go back to work but I am glad I have a job that I can leave and go see her and be with her for these things.

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