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Sunday, October 16, 2011

One a-MAZE-ing Day.

Saturday we went to a place called Coon Hollo in Micanopy. We went for the corn maze but stayed for all the Fall fun they had. It was a really fun day. The weather was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sjy but a nice breeze and not too hot. There was so much for everybody to do that we could all enjoy and we stayed for hours. There was, of course, the corn maze. There was a wagon ride through the cow fields (go figure we got the nut job driver that was trying to kill us), hay stacks to climb, little kiddie train rides pulled by a tractor, food, drinks, tire swings, pedal cars, "buckin bronco" rides, cows to feed, goats that had a rockin' tree house, mini golf, baby horses to pet, dress up picture booth, just lots of good ole' fashioned fun. It was really affordable and one of the best things is once you paid admission everything else inside was included (except food which was very very reasonable). There are lots of pictures because Trey and Sophie are so darn cute and I finally found a(old) camera I can use so I am back to the picture overloads! Enjoy!

Trey doesn't take regular pictures. We told Trey we were going to coon hollo. He said, "What? OMG we are going to cook Hollaaa? Cool."

This is the crazy wagon driver that was trying to kill us. He told us at the beginning of the ride, "This is not a carride. This is a wagon ride on a real cow farm. It will be bumpy. Put your cell phones deep in your pockets, wrap your cameras around your necks and hold the kids It's gonna get bumpy." He wasn't kidding. At one point they stop and let the cows come to you and he asked if anyone wanted to feed a a cow. Of course Trey was the first to pop up.

This is the other wagon. It is much bigger than ours. They had the calm ride through the pasture. We had the nut job driver on a suicide mission whose goal in life was to scare us to death and try to tip the wagon over.

The beautiful tree with the tire swing and the field with the pedal cars.

Sophie having a family hug.

Sophie on the little dance floor. She will dance to anything that even resembles a beat. Yep she's mine. She may not look like me but I'm in there.

That's how I roll!! Oh yea this is one for CPS.

I'm not even sure there was music. She doesn't care. It's somewhere in her head.

Lost in the corn field

Still lost in the corn field.

Planking on the tractor tire.

The crew.

Woman drivers.

Men drivers. Even worse.

Put put golf, country style.

These were really fun. JD swears he's making one to pull behind the ATV.

We were really moving and Sophie was loving it! Trey was hiding from JD.

Daddy's girl, definately!

More put put.

8 Seconds!

8 more seconds.

That's a goat in a tree. He has a tree house that's really cool. I'm jealous.

He made it to the top!

Working on going to the top.

Rollin, rollin, rollin!

The food and drink area.

It was all in all a great day. Everybody was in a good mood and we tired Sophie out. She was asleep before we could get out of the parking lot. I am feeling this might be a tradition.

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