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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life lessons from football Saturday.

I learned that good friends, good food, and good weather can make even a bad football game a great day. Saturday was Florida vs. Georgia and we had some good friends over to help us cheer for a game we weren't very optimistic about. Turns out we were right. Florida lost, again. Ouch it hurt to say that but there's something to be said for honesty in blogging. But it was actually ok because the Giberti's came over and we all had a good time. We played in the yard with the football, we bounced on the trampoline we rode the 4 wheeler. We just had a great day. Sophie even has a crush on one of the boys and she loves her some Morgan. JD and I enjoyed having some older kids at the house and of course their parents were so much fun to watch the game with. They yell just as loud as us so we dont feel like freaks in our own home. We must do this again because JD was on his best football behavior. He was a good boy even through the loss. Like I said good friends make for a great day even if the football isn't so good. Oh and Austin next time were on the 4 wheeler and I tell you to hang on...I mean it.

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~*~toni~*~ said...

You need to come out here and ride 4wheelers in the mountains! It's awesome.....and sometimes, you REALLY need to hang on!! You won't just fall off the'll fall off the mountain!!