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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday (finally) Sophie!

The smash cake

We finally had Sophie's birthday party. It was great. Unfortunately we missed a few friends because they had taken off of work for the original party day so then they couldn't take off work for the makeup party. So we missed all of them but had a great time with the family and friends that could be there. We had a cowgirl princess party so of course we had a barbeque. JD did barbeque pork. It was fabulous. We had buns for sandwiches and daddy made his potato salad. I made baked beans and mac and cheese and we had pretzel sticks and pickles. Then we had cake pops and cupcakes for dessert. Of course Sophie had her smash cake which she finally got into and had a blast. It was so fun watching Sophie and M play together. They did really well and both girls seemed to have so much fun. I cant believe how big Sophie is getting. She can point to what she wants. She is taking 2 steps at a time occasionally. She loves to climb! Yay. (sarcastic) She flirts with her daddy when he wink at her. SHe thinks her big brother hung the moon. He can drag her down the hall by one leg and she just squeels! He has done this. She is the queen on "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and she loves to get applause when she is done and if you dont give her a long enough applause she will continue it for you. She is on milk completely and totally off the bottle. No more bot bot. Not even at night. It was easy peasy to get rid of. At night she gets a little milk from her sippy and then I carry her to her room and lay her in her crib and she pulls her blankie up and falls asleep silently sucking her paci which she only wants when she is sleepy. Daily we comment on how easy she is and how we cont believe how easy these little things are like sleeping. She is such a beautiful girl and has so much personality (like her big brother). I am a lucky woman to have her as my daughter.

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