More Spice than Sugar.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emotionally on the edge of the cliff.

Sophie is doing really well transitioning to the 1 yr old room. She has been going out to the play ground so we needed to wear shoes now. SHe had her first nap time in the toddler room, On a cot. Thats right not a crib but a cot. SHe did pretty good. They had to make her stay on it at first but once she fell asleep she was fine. She even stayed on it after she woke up. SHe can walk pretty good now holding onto one finger. They said when they come to get her to go to the toddler room she waves goodbye and walks out with them. IT is so cute. She has a fabulous personality. Trey is not relaly aware yet that Kindy is so close. I thinks when its like sat or sun night it will hit him, and me.