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Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July

Once again 4th of July has come and gone and it is still my fav holiday. We had a great day. We went to Jen's and swam and had delicious fried chicken that Dewayne fried for us. We had fried shark too. I had never tried shark but I liked it and was suprised that Trey liked it too. We had mac and cheese, peas, corn, cheesy potato casserole, chips, chocolate cake, and cupcakes. It was a feast and it was all fabulous. We swam some more and talked some more. Trey figured out the back stroke.

Then we came home and rested a bit. After everyone was thoroughly rested we went to Ft White to get a pizza then to Branford. The fireworks in Branford are better than Lake City because it is not nearly as crowded and now we can park in the church parking lot and let the kids run and play on the lawn there. They have people at the entrance telling everyone that drives in they are welcome to park there to watch the fireworks but there is no drinking or smoking. That made it really nice to not have to worry about people speeding by while the kids are playing in the grass and no foul language. We staked out a great spot and met Beth Noll there. We ate pizza on the tale gate, let the kids run and play together Sophie did not enjoy the feel of grass on her legs.

and waited for the dark so the fireworks could begin. Sophie was a super sport. Just like Trey she is my little social butterfly. My kids love any event and are super good. Sophie stayed up to see the fireworks. They were great. We sat on the grass and watched the sparks fly. It was once again fabulous. I love the fourth of July.

And now for a ridiculous amount of cute kids pics.

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