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Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday= my day with Trey.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I am working part-time at Happy House. Yea it feels weird to work there and have Sophie nearby and not have Trey there. I love working there but I hate being with other kids and playing with them and serving them lunch knowing Trey isn't there with me to do it for him but he is having a great time with the Meme's, Papa's, Nana's and Pa's. But Thursday I didn't work so it was my day with Trey. JD took Sophie to daycare or baby school as Trey calls it and we had a great day. We cleaned a little. He watched his new movie obsession, "Daddy Day Care". Then we swam in the pool, had a picnic in the back yard. He had a lunchable and blueberries and when we finished we both had popsicles and we just talked. We talked about going to school and what he might take to lunch and if I could give him a treat in his lunch. We just sat and ate in the warm weather in our bathing suits and didn't rush and didn't deal with anything else and he wasn't going 9000 mph as usual and we just talked, like 2 adults. He will be a good friend of mine all my life. Then we went to Meme's and I did her medicine. Since we didn't hurry any during lunch or in the pool or popsicle time we didn't really leave as soon as we should and I had to get to the court house to pay our taxes by 5 and yep you guessed it we didn't make it to CCE to register him for kindergarten. I swear I don't plan these things I just don't seem to be able to get him registered. However, I did get my letter written so I am good to go I just need to get there. Should be easy. sigh.

Dear Mrs. Boone,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you a little about Trey. I am so happy he is able to go to CCE. I am excited for him and all he will do and learn this year and in the years to come. I have had a really hard time knowing exactly what to tell you about Trey. I think he is fabulous and whatever teacher gets him will have a great and fun year. Trey lives at home with me, his father and his sister Sophie, who is 10 months old. He is surrounded by family and has a great support system. He has both sets of grand parents very nearby as well as an aunt and cousin. Due to this fact he communicates appropriately and very well with adults. He is very respectful and has good manners in all situations. We attend church every Sunday and he goes to preschool at Happy House. I believe these things have helped him learn how to act appropriately in classroom type settings. He can set for good periods of time and pay attention to an activity or lesson.

I believe Trey is smart for his age. He knows all colors and shapes. He can rhyme and will tell you when things rhyme. He finds patterns in everyday life and loves to tell you about the patterns he finds. He can count to 50 and can add although he doesn’t realize he can add. For example: if you ask him to hand you 5 blueberries he will. Then if you ask him to hand you 5 more blueberries he will, then say, “Hey mommy I gave you 10 blueberries!” He knows all his letters and knows all letter sounds except for maybe confusing 2 or 3 of them on occasion. He knows several sight words such as, the, and, he, she, it and stop. He can recognize his name and can write his name as well. He knows his phone number and the state and city he lives in. Trey has fabulous critical thinking skills. One example I was told from his Preschool: A teacher had fed his little sister that morning then had come to his room that afternoon. She told him she had fed his little sister breakfast. He asked her what she had fed Sophie. She told him she had fed her applesauce and cereal (meaning rice cereal she was 8 months old) he became worried and told her she had done it wrong that Sophie was not allowed to eat cereal yet, she was too young and she would choke on it if she fed her fruit loops. She assured him it was different cereal and was fine. He was still not convinced until she explained what baby cereal is to him and how it is fixed with the applesauce to thicken the applesauce. The he said he remembered how I did that to Sophie’s food at home and he laughed and said he thought she had fed Sophie fruit loops. Then he also made sure the applesauce was in small pieces and mushy too. The teacher felt this showed a great deal of concern and empathy and critical thinking skills.

Trey is very creative and has an incredible imagination. He loves to make up stories and situations and can give all kinds of details and facts in the stories to make them sound extremely realistic and believable. He has fabulous verbal skills and uses them frequently. He is a talker and is not the least bit shy, although he might tell you different. Sometimes he does have to be reminded to let others have their turn talking. He enjoys helping and being the center of attention. He needs a teacher that will allow him to be creative and use his creativity but will also be able help him learn how to use his creativity at appropriate times. He likes rules and is a good rule follower, however, he likes to find things out for himself and rarely will take things at face value. Trey has excellent gross and fine motor skills. He is very active and is all boy. Trey responds very well to positive reinforcement and you can get him to do what you ask with kindness and respect but will shut down if one tries to “strong arm” him or push him into doing things. He is sensitive to others feelings and can pick up on others emotions quite well.

I know this was a little longer than you may have wanted but I cannot say enough about Trey. I am constantly entertained and amazed by him. Anyone who has ever come into contact with Trey has numerous stories and lots of love for him. I will end this with one example of just how precocious Trey is. I was reading this out loud to try to make sure I had covered everything I want to tell you. Trey was in the other room watching a movie. When I finished he stood up from the movie and said, “Mommy put in there that I am very talented with making music see.” Then played me a song taping with a drumstick on a jar he had put a caterpillar in. He told me to be sure that I put the song in too. I am not sure how to spell the sound of a drumstick tapping on a jar with a caterpillar in it but I am sure you know the sound.

Trey is the joy of my life and I am happy he will be able to bring a little of that joy to you and your school. I am also excited about all that CCE will be able to teach him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about Trey and I look forward to being as involved as possible with CCE.

Thank you,

Kate Tyre

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