More Spice than Sugar.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pull ups.

No not the diaper kind. Sophie is crawling and scooting everywhere! It is so cute and she is so proud! She is already trying to pull up. She can pull up to her knees and she is trying to pull up to her feet. She get son her knees then tries so hard to get her little foot under her. It's not easy to get all that cute chub off the ground though.

She had pink eye that never really went away so we are still dealing with that. She also had an ear infection but was so good I had no clue until we went in for the pink eye. We are dealing with that trying to get that gone for good. Trey had Strep throat and an ear infection. He was a very sick boy Saturday. 102 fever throwing up. He had to be out of school 2 days this week while he was on the antibiotic. He had fun at Meme's and Papa's. Sick people fun, ya know. He is sleeping over at their house tonight. He has said he is going to sleep in the tent outside. Yes a real outside camping trip in a tent (in the yard). However, in the past he has said he would not camp outside because he was scared. So we are a little pesimistic about himactually following through with this plan. We shall see.

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