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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Growing Pains

Trey had his kindergarten physical and immunizations yesterday. He did so well I was so very proud of him. He was truly a big boy and answered all the Dr's questions and did everything she needed. We thought he was going to have to have 5 shots but when we got there we got a wonderful surprise when they told us we had already gotten the others and he only needed a finger stick and 1 shot! He was very happy and trust me so were me and JD. After the Dr we went and fed the ducks. He found some baby duck that were so cute. After that we took him to "The Cowboy Restaurant" which is known to the rest of the world as Texas Roadhouse. That is one of his favs. This morning he says his leg hurts really bad and he doesnt feel good. He says he hurts all over. He has a fever of about 101. I am assuming just a little reaction to the shot. I hope that's all.

I got a call from Happy house yesterday just before I got off work and they told me she had some discharge again in her eye and they thought pink eye again or still. It was cleaned out by the time I got there but I could see it was red in the white part. The Dr. gave me a Rx but said to just hold onto it in case it was allergies. If they were matted this morning when she woke up I could fill it and start on it. Well this morning her eyes are definately red in the white and a little pink outside but no discharge whatsoever so I am guessing allergies for that but we will have to wait and see if we get any discharge.

Yesterday before the Dr. Trey skipped school (yes he's starting his life of crime early) and had a Daddy Trey day. JD took him fishing and they say 7 manatee's and Trey caught 2 fish. THey had a great day leading up to the big physical where he walked in a boy and came out... a bigger boy.

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