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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trey's last day of Pre-K!

What a bitter sweet day. I was thinking how I could empathize with a mother butterfly. My dearest posession had been safely in my care far his young life then i wrapped him safely in the warm, loving, safe cacoon of Hapy House now he was emerging from that cacoon to become a butterfly. He was soon going off, after struggeling to get himself out of that cacoon, with outstretched wings and a hopeful albiet nervous heart to fly into the world. He was no longer going to be safe in his cacoon or what I called our safe place - Happy House. He is going to "the real world" Kindergarten. He will be at the best school in the county with the best teachers but still it is the real world with 5th graders and real work that will be tested and have to meet certain standards. He will be tested both educationally and emotionally and spiritually. I know in my heart he will do more than fine on all levels but still it hurts my heart to know he will feel pain or be teased or not meet his AR goal or not be the best at something. Yes I know this is all good for him but still it hurts and makes me more than a little nervous. So to Happy House I say thank you. Thank you for being his safe, warm, loving cacoon. To Columbia City I say, I hope your ready There is nobody in the world like Trey Tyre. You are on elucky school and who ever his teacher is you are on lucky teacher. He will teach you much and bring joy to your days.

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