More Spice than Sugar.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I need to tattoo my password on my arm.

So every now and then blogger will not allow me to log in. I hate it. I dont think I forget my password because it is the same for almost everything with a very slight variable but for some reason this happens but I am here now! So lets update.

Sophie just had her 7 month checkup. She weighed 21 lbs and 15 oz. Yes she is my big, healthy, girl. She sleeps 9 1/2 hours every night of her life! I love it! Thank you Heavenly Father. SHe is eating solid foods now and loves them all. Well she loves everything accept what I make at home. She is rolling over and scooting backwards. She is holding her own bottle. She is an adorable joy to our lives.

Trey is almost 5 and is truly growing into such a smart, happy, creative child. I am so proud of him and who he is becoming. He has lots of friends in school (daycare) and will start Kindy next year but I cant talk about that yet (snif). He is already nervous about going to the big boy school. I am nervous about him leaving Happy House. That has been our comfort zone for 3 years now. Trey is a great bog brother and has never shown jealousy of any sort. He loves to help me with Sophie.

I am loveing my job at LCMS and JD is doing well at Guerry F.H. his schedule is the best yet! We are doing great and I hope blogger will not lock me out more so I can keep updating and I will add pics soon.

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