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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break! Not so springy.

We are on Spring break this week. No big plans here just some relaxing. The weather has been awful which ruined some plans but we made the best of it. Monday I cleaned some. Tuesday I took Sophie and Meme to see Aunt Mickie in Jacksonville. We had fun. Aunt Mickie is doing well for being in her 90's and I am so glad she got to see Sophie (her Lola) again. Yesterday we had planned on taking the boat to Rainbow River and just having a relaxing day of swimming and boating but Ma Nature had other plans. So we nixed that and went to Tampa to The Florida Aquarium. Trey had a blast and Sophie was good as gold once again. Then we left there and went to Orlando (Trey's fav. place in the world lol) to Bass Pro Shop. The day was a huge success. Trey thoroughly enjoyed himself. The kiddos were perfect the trip was great and everything was really fun and nice. The Aquarium is very nice. Not ridiculously huge but big enough to occupy a 4 yo for a few hours. We stopped at Target on the way home to get a present for someone and some diapers and formula and I got the invitations for Trey's 5th b-day party. It is going to imitate life. Its a circus theme lol. I think the invitations should just say, "welcome to my life the 3 ring circus!" When we got home I walked in the house and felt something on my neck. I figured it was a moth so I reached up to pick it off and as soon as I felt it I then felt a severe stinging pain in my finger so I flung whatever it was and heard it hit a plastic bag I had just set on the table. My finger was on fire but I could see a sting mark or bite. I screamed for JD and he came over and found a scorpion about an inch long. Let me tell you a scorpion can hurt like a mutha for only being an inch long. I took some Benedryl. My finger is swollen but it no longer hurts today. All in all, yes that includes getting stung by a scorpion was a huge success! Today I am at home just relaxing in bad weather waiting to go to the dentist UGH! My worst phobia. I am going to look at my new sewing machine JD got me for Christmas that I havent had a chance to look at and hopefully get it set up to be able to work on it some.

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