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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy 1/4 year bday Sophie!

Sophie has been part of our family now for 3 months. I can hardly believe its only been 3 months! She just fits so prefecty and it just seems like its been years! lol. As of last Tuesday she weighed 15.5 lbs. She's my little chubbers and she is georgeous and smiles so easily. Her whole body smiles when she smiles. Her shoulders shrug up and her hands come up and she just smiles with her whole body. She is trying like crazy to talk to us. She is babbeling and loves it when JD says "Daddy's gonna get your toes." Trey loves it when she smiles at him. Every night we fall asleep together in the recliner, her on her tummy on my chest. That is heaven! That is the best sleeping in the world. The only trouble we have had with her at all is with her spitting up. She spit up horribly after ever feeding. I mean literaly numerous handfuls at every feeding. First we tried zantac which did nothing. Then we tried prevacid which we noticed no difference in alone. Then the Dr put her on a lactose free formula called Nutramigen (it is expensive but whatever works) that didnt seem to be doing anything. Then last weekend I was feeding her and she had fallen asleep so I didnt pick her up to burp her and I was just looking at her and all of a sudden I realized she hadnt spit up yet. So I thought ya know I'll just set here and not burp her and if she spits up because I didnt burp her o well she would spit up anyway. Well she never spit up. The next time I fed her I didnt burp her. The next time I fed her I did burp her and she immediatly spit up a handful. I thought ya know maybe I am onto something here. So I didnt burp her anymore. Not only did she eat less (the normal amount as opposed to almost 2x the normal average) but she seemed more content and slept great (even though she is already a gret sleeper) I told daycare Monday not to burp her after every 2 ounces anymore not to burp her at all and to try to stop her after about 4 ounces but is she was still hungry to let her have more. Well she misunderstood me and thought I meant to burp her after 4 ounces. Sure enough she spit up bad. Later at her next feeding a different lady fed her and didnt burp her at all after a whole 6 ounces. Guess what. No spit up! Woot! So yesterday she ate at 3:00(didnt spit up) at daycare then didnt eat again until 11:00pm. (didnt spit up) Then slept until I woke her at 5:30 this morning. She at 6 more oz and didnt spit up then either. So I think we are on a roll.

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Your photos are just precious!