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Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome Lola Sophia!

So on August 9, 2010 (yes for those who are quick that makes her birthday 8/9/10 hehe) Sophia came in to our lives. She came easily and sweet. She is perfect and beautiful and easy going and as sweet as can be. Here's the story. I went to work for my first day back from summer break and could only stay for half a day because I had a previous appt at the Dr's office at 1:00 for my weekly Non Stress Test (NST) due to the single artery in her ambilical cord. I felt great and normal all day. When I got hooked up her heart was racing wildly. Her heart rate stayed in the 190 range getting into the high 180's it even got to the low 200's. He had me turn over on each side to see if that would help but nothing did. He checked my temp it was fine (me being sick could be a reason for her heart rate to be so high). So he couldnt figure out why her heart rate was so very high. He said he was going to send me back to the 3rd floor (labor and delivery) to have me on the monitor and see if it would go down any. He said if it did not then he would probably induce me. He wasnt terribly worried for her but her heart rate was not good and at 37 weeks (2 days away from 38) he felt she might just be ready to come out and do a little better out than in especially with the 1 artery. I went down to 3rd floor and got on the monitor. I was there a little bit and her heart rate stayed high. It dropped to 70 once and 2 nurses came running in and literally threw me on my side. As soon as they did that it went back up and was fine. The on call Dr came in and said they had watched me and she had conferred with my Dr and they were indeed going to induce me. If the heart rate dropped that low again I would be rushed into surgery for an emergancy C section. If it stayed how it was I would just be induced and allowed to progress at my own speed. I called JD and told him about the plan. He was in Macclenny at work but told them he needed to go I was going to be induced, we were having a baby! He left and headed to us. The nurses were great especially when they realized my hubby wasnt there yet. They said there was plenty of time not to rush but just come steady along. I was then taken to a room. JD was getting very nervous he may not make it in time. They nurse said not to worry they hadnt even gotten the orders yet for meds or anything and when they did they would have to give me the pitocin and that would take 2 hours to take effect due to the fact they cant raise the amt fast. Well just after she told him that she walks in with the pitocin and siad well we got the order and the pit. but not to worry it will still take time. Soon after I was given the pit. i did start to feel some tightening and some contractions. I told the nurse and she was suprised but even once "forgot" to raise the pit levels to give JD time to get there. He did arrive. He arrived at 5:00 and I had already been given the pit. I was feeling good! 2 thumbs up!

At about 5:30 I was having some pains in my side that were actually worse than the contractions. IT was like a stitch in my left side that was really bad. That was probably my worse pain. At about 5:30 I got 1/2 a dose of statol to take the edge off of getting the epidural I knew I would be getting soon. I was trying to rest a little after the statol for what I thought may possibly be a long night.

The Dr came back in and checked me and apparantly I was now at a 5. She told me getting to a five was the longest part most of the time. After that things usually went quicker. She asked me if I wanted the epidural now. I was wavering because I wasnt really in enough pain other than the stitch in my side to warrant an epi but when she told me that getting to a 5 was the longest part and I was a 5 and that it would be past the point of not return when I reached a 9 I decided to go ahead and get it. I did not want to be at the point where I reeeeally wanted it but was too far to get it. SO I went ahead and got it. Figured it couldn't hurt. I got the epi around 7:00. I slept through getting it with Trey so I didnt really know what to expect. I have to say it wasnt what I expected. I have heard it is the most painful thing ever. Well to me it really wasnt. It was a very weird feeling as I could feel everything. I could feel the needle (tube whatever it is) going into my back and I could feel when they moved it and pushed it further. They kept asking where I felt it etc. It was tiring to get it and I got a little light headed at one point. I think because I had my head down on a pillow on the tray table and my hair was all over my face and I was just breathing in how air for so long. when they were done I was tired and a little creeped out about how I could feel a tube being pushed into my back. But was feeling good.

I progressed fine and in no pain after that. Jenifer and Selena arrived at some point after that, not exactly sure what time but thankfully they got there. I had promised Selena she could be in there if she wanted but she wasnt sure. Jen was trying to prepare her for what she might encounter in the room and I think she got a little scared but when she saw how good and happy and pain free I was doing she decided to stay. Her and Jen sat on a couch over on one wall that was they could be in there and be a part of it all but didnt have to actually SEE it all. lol. Momma and Daddy had been there since the beginning. They were with me while JD was getting there. At about 7:45 the Dr broke my water. It was time to get moving.
We had called Trey a few times to say good night and we love him. This was the first night I had spent away from him so I had a lot of emotions going on. Nana and Pa were able to be at our house with him so he could at least be in his own room and bed. That was a relief. At 9:15 the Dr. came in and checked me again because I told her it seemed like I could feel some pressure. Sure enough I was ready to go. I was at a 10 and fully effaced. It was push time. It took her a few minutes to get in there and be ready because there were 3 other women in labor at the same time. Busy night. lol. She had a midwife with her that she had already asked me if I minded actually catching the baby. She said she would be right there but the midwife needed so many births to get her certificate. I told her I did not mind at all. So they both got in there and we got everything set up. Momma held a leg and JD got a leg. Beth Noll got there right about this time and took a seat with Jen and Selena on the couch. They told me to push when I felt a contraction. I laughed and told them I couldnt feel anything so they would have to tell me when to push. I could however feel some pressure or tightening when it came time to push so I told them when I was ready and we did this 3 times on a 10 count. For some reason I guess I was setting up more with Sophie because I could see when her head came out. I started to push again and the Dr told me to push really easily and naturally and pop! Out came my beautiful crying Sophie. Her cry was so dainty and sweet even. JD cut her cord just like with Trey and he was hooked from that second. He did the first diaper and helped the nurse with the first bath. She was born at 9:34. She was 19 inches long & weighed 6 lbs 7 oz her birthday is 8/9/10. Yep she was 6,7 on 8/9/10. I guess she knew her momma was not good with number so she'd give me a hand. I did notice almost immediatly that she was tongue tied. I was looking for it since Trey had been as well.The rest is a lovely blur.

My pretty girl all cleaned up.

Daddy helping with the first bath.

The next day getting her hearing test done on my lap. She passed with flying colors.

Tada!! Introducing Sophie to the worlds greatest big brother!

love at first sight.

Coming home. Go girly gators!

The birth was perfect. I couldnt have planned it any better if I could have written down how I wanted it to go. Everything was virtually painless and sweet and easy. I was only a little nervous right in the beginning about her heart rate being so high. That stress soon got better and was nonexistant as soon as JD arrived. Our family is complete. We are thrilled with her and Trey. Trey is doing great. He is handling a lot of stress right now for a little 4 yr old mind but doing great. He is so tender with her and wants to know where she is first thing when he walks in the door. When he comes in he says "Guess who's here?" and I say "who?" he puffs his chest out and says "The big brother!" He is so proud of her.


Diamond said...

Congratulations! I'm glad it went so well for you. My 3 year old was here while I read it and from the first picture knew you were a mom who was having a baby. He kept asking me to scroll thru the pictures to see the crying baby and the "Big Brother" shirt

~*~toni~*~ said...

It's a great story!!! Zyon weighed 6# 6 oz on 6/7 (2000). Too many 6's if you ask me but, we did get that one luck 7....LOL! If he was born a 1/2 hr earlier, it would've been on 6/6...LOL! Anyways,Sophie is adorable! XOXOX

Amber said...

Yay! I'm glad everything went so smoothly and she's here. She's a doll! I'm glad Trey is so happy to be the big brother. :)

Amber said...

Oh- and I love the numbers.