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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Trey,

My Dearest Trey~
As the summer draws to an end and I go back to work, you go back to daycare and we anxiously await the arrival of your new baby sister any day now. I want to tell you how much I love you. It has been a jam packed summer. I have tried to keep you entertained and keep you active all summer. It hasnt been easy because you are more full of energy than 10 wild horses and smarter than all of congress put together but I have tried and I have enjoyed every minute of it. This summer you have played your first organized sport on the Krystals Scramblers soccer team. It wasnt always the most fun for you, me or your daddy but we did it and I think it was good for us all. You learned to swim. This was important to me for your safety if not for fun. It was hell the first week but we stuck to it and not only did you learn to swim you became the best swimmer in the class even above those who had taken classes before. Now you are addicted to swimming. You love it and are really very good at it. You conquered your fears and you were so brave. I am proud of you. We swam almost every day. We played on the slip-N-Slide. We made bird feeders, cookies, banana bread and canned tomatoes. We went to the beach and almost fried in 117 degree heat but we got to fly your kite. We went to the Florida Museum of Natural History and to the Santa Fe teaching zoo where you got poked in the eye with a deer antler. Like a trooper you were fine as long as you got to go see the snakes. We went on the boat with Daddy and we swam in the river with Daddy. We went to Orlando and went to Down Town Disney with me 8 months pregnant. It was a joy to go on vacation with you and Daddy just the 3 of us for one last time. Next time we go on vacation it will be with your little sister. I wanted to make this summer fun for you while it was just us. I hope you enjoyed every minute of it like I did. We snuggled in the bed in the mornings as often as possible when Daddy left for work. You promised you will still be my snuggle bunny even when you are 35. I have witnesses. I came to know you better as the special spirit you are not as the baby you were and I watched you grow up in one summer. I fell in love all over again. What a beautiful, heartbreaking experience for me. You helped me prepare for the arrival of your baby sister which I am so proud to tell everyone that you already love and cant wait to meet and are already protective over. I hope this summer you were not too bored or missed your buddies from daycare too much because I treasure every moment I had with you over the last 3 months. Thank you for being my son, blessing my life and your fathers life in ways I cant put into words and for being so wonderful. I look forward to watching you grow with Sophie, love her and teach her over the rest of your life and mine.

Love Eternally and powerfully,
Your Mommy

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Kate.....that is sooooo sweet!!!