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Friday, August 6, 2010

Take 2.

Last night was night number 2 spent with the ladies at the womens center in Gville. We thought we needed to go when the contractions were 2 mins apart and very, very like stop in your tracks no talking, painful. I got there and they took me to triage and put the monitors on me and checked and I was still the same dilated at 2 I was when I left there Tuesday. So they left me on the monitor a bit longer and checked again after about on hour. After an hour of contractions that were registering around the 50's she came in and checked me and the same ole dilated to a 2, nothing more. She said I had 2 options They could give me the Phenergren and Morphine again BUT they didnt have a room so I'd have to stay in the triage room where it is basically a cot and 12 small hard chair for JD or they could give me Ambien and send me home hoping that got the pain and would allow me to sleep. I told her I was not planning on camping out there for fun unless I was having a baby so hit me with the Ambien and send me home. I think she was busy and didnt want me to come back in pain so she hit me with 10 MG of Ambien. Now that may not sound like a lot but I know big grown men who take 5 MG and are nighty nighty all night long. So 10mg sent me away. I was walking out of the hospital like I Walked. I was having to stop and lean on the wall or JD, doubled over to breath through a contraction. I was totally out of it about 5 mins after I got into the car. By the time I got home I couldnt even hardly walk. I dont remember anything but JD said I almost fell 2 times in the yard trying to get into the house then I almost fell again in the bathroom. I was absolutely out of it. I woke up a little groggy at about 9 am. Fri. I was really low and disappointed this morning that i had endured all that pain for all those hours for absolutely nothing! I was supposed to have a massage appt this morning and missed that, slept through that. It is such a disappointment to feel like she is ready to come out but my body wont do what it needs to do to let her out, especially when I want her so bad. Also I hate going to L&D to be sent home. I know people think I am faking how bad the pain is to keep going hoping they will induce but I am not. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and even with contractions at a 50 I am taking it pretty good. No screaming or really moaning then when its done I'm back to laughing, talking etc. It is just really upsetting to have to keep going back and be in so much pain all for nothing. I dont want her here before she is ready but I also dont want to be in such bad pain unless I am going to be bringing her home.

JD and Trey were supposed to have a Daddy and Trey day today but because I was so low they "allowed" me to tag along. I needed my mind off stuff. So we went to the land fil (thi apparantly is a huge deal for boys. Ya know big hills, huge trucks, monster backhoe's...boys playground. So we did that and then went to the falls then to wal mart and then JD got the new Madden 2010 game. Ya know that just proves I can be cheered up by going to the landfill as long as I am with my boys and they are happy. THat did wonders for my mood to see them together and enjoying themselves.

We woke trey up before we left to tell him to be sure and go to Nana and Pa's room if he needed anything that we were gonna go see if it was time for Sophie to come home. We didnt want him to come into our room and us not be there and scare the little guy. He rolls over and says "ok but can I go back to sleep now?" lol he must've known something we didnt. He was unconcerned. lol

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