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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The close call.

Yesterday I went to the Dr for my weekly NST (Non-Stress Test). The plan was to take momma with me to watch Trey since all I have to do is set in a chair and watch TV. I figured he could watch cartoons. Well When we arrived they put me on the monitor and I almost immediatly started having more regular than normal Braxton Hicks Contractions and a little stronger thatn normal but didnt really even think anything about them. The Dr came in and noticed Sohpie's heartbeat was dropping a little. This is what he is monitoring on the NST so this concerned him a bit. This can be a sign of a small or thin ambilical cord and since she has only the one artery in her cord that could be an issue. He decided he needed to send me down to L&D 3rd floor. We all went off to the 3rd floor, Me, Trey and Momma. We get there and they are slow so they are going to allow me to let momma and Trey come into the triage room with me. THe moment we walk in I hear a strange noise coming from what I thought was the wall. I was looking in the direction and heard more of it and then realized it was coming from the light on the ceiling. Then I saw sparks fall from the light. Well the light is directly above the bed so I went immediatly and told the nurse what I had seen. She came back in with me and when she did you could smell something burning pretty heavily. So she told us they were slow so she would put us in a regular L&D room as long as she could. This was a huge blessing because we had a whole room with a TV and lots of space and a couch, table etc. So that was nice. I kept thinking I would go on home after a little monitoring because her heart rate dropping seemed to be an isolated event and because I told them about the contractions being stronger and feeling different then the usual braxton hicks so they checked my cervix and was not dialated at all. Well while I was in there those contractions I mentioned also got stronger and more often. They got stronger to the point that I could not talk through them and they were occuring every 2-3 mins. They were pretty strong. At about 4:00 The Dr on call came in and actually saw the amount of pain I was in and decided she should check me again. She checked me and I was now at a 2. So the contractions were real and not braxton hicks. I was staying. I called JD and told him I was going nowhere. I needed someone to get Trey and Momma. So JD got off work soon after and had his parents drive him over so we would only have one vehicle and they could bring Trey and Momma home. JD went by the house and got the bag and the diaper bag. Needless to say the nurses and myself thought we would be bringing home a Sophie. They gave me some meds to help with the pain and make me comfortable for what was looking like might be a long night. They did this via IV because they thought I would be there for a while. THe IV was very painful. Well the meds stopped the contractions, pretty quickly. By this time the Tyre's had gotten there with JD and had taken momma and Trey home. JD and I slept ( i use that term loosely lol) in the hospital. This morning there had been no more contractions so we came home about 8:30. I have had a few more of the contractions that are a little more painful ( nothing like yesterdays, those were rough) but nothing really. So we all thought we might be welcoming Sophie home today or tomorrow but it seems like we wont. JD thinks she will share Jen and my bday but I am not so sure. I am now dialated to a 2 but that really means nothing. I could be at a 2 for a while. Trey was good as gold for being stuck in a hospital room all day. He took a great nap on the couch. JD and I are tired (JD went to work and I went grocery shopping to stock up on some things as I feel like I might not be shopping for a while and I wanted some easy to cook food and to have plenty of things the boys like in the house.

I also found out that I have to go back to work on the 9th and Trey will be able to go back to Happy House on the 9th as well so that is a huge relief. Everything will work out just how it should.

No Sophie so far, but a close call.

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Beth said...

i'm so happy trey can go back to school on the 9th. but i think you should have this baby saturday night. that would really work well for my schedule :) karen took the drama spotlight from you with a premie baby, but you're snatchin it back with exploding light fixutres. can't wait to meet sophie. love you!