More Spice than Sugar.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I am sooo ready for Sophie to be born. However I think no matter what all I do with Trey I will still feel like I haven't done enough for him or with him this summer before I bring Sophie to be with us. I know giving him a sister is a wonderful thing so how do I get past feeling like I have done him a disservice by taking away his only child status? I know it is for his good and he will love her ( he already does) it is just hard on me knowing we have given him all our love and attention and all of our everything for 4 years now he will have to share us. Like I said I know it is good and all positive I guess it is just the pregnancy hormones making me emotional and sad for him. Silly I know. I just love him so much I never want him to feel slighted or less or like we needed more in our lives. In the same thought I cant wait to get her here and Trey cant either. HE is so excited. He plays baby with everything.

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Natalie said...

That's sweet Kate! Life isn't about what you give him but what he takes out of it. Sophie will allow him to take a sense of belonging with him wherever he goes. He knows you love he'll know love multipies and doesn't divide! You don't have to split your time between them, you have to share them with each other!