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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've been a bad blogger girl.

I know I have missed lots but I've been busy. I tell ya what I will just post a bunch of pics instead of doing a daily thing k? K.

We went to the beach just past St Augustine on the 9th. It was so hot we couldnt stay long. It was like walking on the face of the sun. See that it says 117 degrees. Yea warm. We had fun though even with my pregnant lol. It was just me, JD, Trey and Selena.

We had our annual 4th of July party at Jen's house. And as usual it was great accept that JD had to work. We had great ribs, great weather, fun swimming....Janet was there with her grandkids and all the kids had fun in the pool. After we went home and had a little nap we went to Branford for fireworks. That was fun too. It looked like it might rain but never did.

We made this shirt. Trey designed it and did it all. I think it turned out great!

Trey doing "surfs up" in the pool.

Water must be cool. lol

We got homemade pretzels made. It took a few tries but once we got it down they were pretty good.

We went out on the boat. We had breakfast on the boat, nice and cool, early, then fished some and pulled up into a little spring that noone was in yet and swam. It was cold but niiice and refreshing. Trey had a blast and when he has fun we have fun.

Trey and I decided to go on a 4 wheeler ride and look for horses to feed some carrots to. Well we found one and some goats and cows. He was only interested in the horse though. He was waaaay less scared of the horse than I was. I was thrown off of one and drug as a child so I am very skiddish of them now. The have such power and they are animals and you never know about an animal. Also I like to be in control and with an animal that large and powerful you cant be. So I was nervous but he was just fine.

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