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Friday, July 2, 2010

A win and a loss.

Why a win and a loss? Well a win because after I worked with him with Selena yesterday (Thurs) he did much better in his soccer game! He stayed with the ball he got a LOT more kicks in and did better. A loss because this is the first game they have lost. It poured the whole game. We were all out there with umbrellas and the kids were drenched but I think it is better than 99* heat. The kids seemed to enjoy it better too. My voice is hoarse because I was out there yelling things I had taught him trying to make him hear me from under the umbrella and over the sound of the rain. Heaven help me if he ever does play football or a sport when he is older. I will never have a voice again. lol. It is still all fun for me though. He had more fun because he could participate better and understand the game a little better.

We also made soft pretzels yesterday. They were yummy as long as they were loaded with salt. Trey made a few but Selena had more fun doing that. Trey did great at swimming lessons yesterday and today is his last day at that. In a way I am relieved in another way I dont know what we will do all morning. lol Today being the last they will have "fun day" where they dont have a structured lesson they get to do whatever they want in the pool and Meme and Selena are going to watch then I think I'm getting a haircut so we can burn some time then we are going to take Trey to "the restaurant with the black dip dip" loosely translated to Fu King. He loves soy sauce (the black dip dip is soy sauce) so for him doing soooo good and being brave when he was scared we are treating him to Fu King. Poor JD has to work late today and will work all day tomorrow on the 3rd of July. We are celebrating the 4th of July tomorrow since it falls on Sun this year. We are having our annual party at Jen's then we will go to Branford for the fireworks. JD wont be there for any of it accept maybe the fireworks at night. I want to make a t-shirt with Trey today for tomorrow. We can stamp some red and blue stars on a whilte tshirt he has and he ca wear it to the fireworks. Hopefully he will enjoy doing that today and it will turn out cute.

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