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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soccer just aint his thang.

We had a soccer game last night. Yea. Not so good. He doesnt really like soccer. I think it is because he doesnt really understand it. There were only 2 practices before the games started so he doesnt get it. PLus he is so good at most everything else that he gets upset if he doesnt kick it every play or everytime it comes near him but he's not agressive enough (didnt think I'd say that but it's true) He is a stickler for rules. I told him to just push through the other kids and get to the ball and he said "NO that is bad we dont push people" I tried to describe to him how that is what you do in soccer, it's a competition you need to get to the ball because nobody is going to just give it to you. He thinks fun is nice and we tell him to have fun so he thinks he should still be all nicey nice. When swim classes are over (at the end of this week) I plan on getting him out in the field in the morning (before it gets too hot) and teaching him. I was the Middle School asst. coach for the girls team a few years back. The team sucked but the only game we won was when I was allowed to coach on my own (the coach was out of town) so we shall see what I can do. He seems disinterested but maybe if he knows more about it and feels mroe confident (like swimming) he will be more interested. JD is a perfectionist and just doenst get the mindset of a 4 year old. He gets upset that Trey runs over to us on the sidelines between play. He gets upset when Trey gets upset on the field. I want to set at the opposite end of the field so I can enjoy the cute kids being kids. Summer is hard. lol.

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