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Thursday, June 24, 2010

These trying times. Hehe.

I need to update. I haven't told my stories in a couple days. Let me catch you up.

Tuesday - Tuesday was Busy! I actually made 3 trips to town. UGH! But no way around it. Started out great. Swim lessons were the same. Fine in the beginning, crying wanting to go home by halfway through. Whatever, we made it and it wasnt AS BAD. Bad enough but not as bad. Then we came home had asome lunch and went to Selena's pool to practice what we learned at swim lessons that day. He did great. Started out with his floaties on then when he realized (due to some slyness on my part by letting the air out of his floaties shhhh dont tell!) that floaties dont work when a big boy learns to swim so well. So, floaties off! he did like to use one of selena's float tubes. I took him to Meme and Papa's for my second trip to town. I had been subpoenaed for an incident that happened at school one day waaaay back in May. I had never done anything like that before so I was a bit anxious. I hated it. It was basically both sides trying to make us (by us I mean those who were being questioned) look like we were trying to lie for the other side when in reality the fact was it happened over a month ago and it was such an insignifigant issue to me and I has such a miniscule part in it that I truly havent given it a second thought. I dont remember what I had for lunch yesterday much less what happened IN DETAIL over a month ago in someones elses life. Geesh! What a joke... ANYWAY! That was fun *total eyeroll* Then I headed home to get ready for my 3rd trip to town. Trey had his first soccer game. Summer "fun" and pregnancy hormones dont mix! You will see why. Trey was asleep when I got home so he had finally taken a nap. Wasnt a very long one. Especially considering he had swam 2 times that day and played with papa. Do I got him ready for his soccer game and got everyone else ready. Meme and Papa rode with us. We get there and it is pouring down rain. Sunny but raining. Meaning that its not going to cool it down but when it stops it will be like a sauna. It was. The game started late and Trey had to use the bathroom right as it was starting. So he had to set out the 1st quarter. He was fine with that. His father on the other hand? Not so much. See this is where the pragnancy hormones being bad comes into play here. JD expects Trey to excell at everything immediatly. He thought Trey was going to go out there and bend it like Beckham. What did Trey do? He was a 4 yr old in his first ever team sport game. He stared into space some, he chewed his nails (nervous I'm sure), he talked to the other kids some, he ran lots, he wanted to come over to us and talk to us especially when he got a chance to kick the ball, he wanted us to wipe the sweat out of his eyes, he wanted the little handheld fan we had (it was only 97 * so I really cant imagine why he was hot. Ya know a 4 year old. This did not please his father. JD was very much a ball of nerves. Also Trey is the 2nd youngest on the team. Can I add in there that I am very much the oppostie of JD. I want him to have fun. If he is 14 and staring off into space on the field and wanting to play with the little fan then we have issues but right now if he doesnt have fun he wont care to play or learn or do any better. So problems ensued. Can I add though that with all the little 4 year old things Trey did He almost scored 2 times on his own?! Both times he kicked the ball and was so close to it being in we were already screaming and clapping for him! Then as it was literally IN THE NET it either bounced out or was kicked out at the last second, I mean it was in the net! Oh I could have died!! lol. He was still so happy! I was too. He played the whole game once he got in there. He siad he had fun and to me that is what matters right now. I think we have since gotten our Mommy, Daddy sports differences worked out (we will see tonight lol sigh). Then Meme, Papa, Me, JD and Trey went to Krystals. Appropriate we thought since his team sponsor is Krystals. The day ended with everyone alive. Bruised, beaten but alive.

A little post game victory pose. He really did have fun! These were just made for ESPN!

This is one of the shots of Trey doing what almost gave JD a heart attack. Trey is right in the middle of the shot. Notice the team is in a huddle and Trey is over to the side just kinda staring at another game.

Just warming up.

A little midgame action shot. Trey is #7 toward the left side in front of the adult with the red short on on the left.

Trey warming up with JD before the game.

I forgot to mention the score was 3-3. TIE! Perfect hu? See how much winning means to me at this age? I just remembered to even mention the score. lol. We all know I am as competitive as anyone (or more so) but I just feel at this age he needs to be taught to ENJOY it.

Wednesday - The day started out rough. JD met us at swim lessons to watch. Trey was great for the 1st half then it went severly down hill. It was so bad that JD and I both had to elave him there screaming and kicking but we left. We stood outside the area behind a tree. Yea I wsa behind a tree. No way was I relaly leaving but he had to think we were gone so he couldnt run to us and hold onto us. With us gone he did everything he needed to. Screamind and crying but did it. Then when we went to get into the car I had locked my keys into the car. Yep not really great for pregnancy hormones that were already flaring. JD came and had a man he knows who owns a tow company get us in. Then we went to Meme and papa's and canned tomatoes. It was a lot of work and we didnt get very much but I am glad I know how and I want to learn to can more. The actual canning wasnt bad but the preparing the tomatoes was rough. Last night I took Trey to Selena's pool and practiced again. This time with not floaties and only the float tube to rest on. He did awesome!!! He was actually swimming! NOT CRYING! He had run practicing. I am hoping and praying he can translate that to swim lessons today (thursday) at the pool. Although I'm not sure because I dont think he really trusts his teacher after she pulled him in. But we are off to swim lessons now so we shall see! We also have a soccer game tonight so it may be another rough day for mommy and her mommy (pregnant) emotions and mommy hormones. stay tuned!

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