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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mid-day update and VICTORY DANCE!

WHOOT! Well we are done with swimming lessons for today and can I say they went GREAT!!! I will be completely honest I was expecting the absolute worst. BUT - It was wonderful. He did everything we talked about and everything we practiced last night in Selena's pool (for hours lol) He struggled, he swam, he choked, he did it all BUT he didnt cry! He didnt once beg to leave he was right in there doing everything else with everyone else. I was so relieved and proud I actually cried. (Darn those hormones lol) The teacher even did this one thing where they swam out to her and she had a little ring that sank and she would hold them and puch their whole body under the water so much so that they went to the bottom to try and get the ring. Well I dont know if he got the ring but I dont give a darn becasue he was under water long enough to go to the bottom. When he came up he came up sputtering and spitting but smiling. Not a tear not a whimper. Then they put lifejackets on and swam all the way to the other end of the pool then they played ring around the roses (with the life jackets on) putting their faces in the water. Then they took the lifejackets off and jumped into the water in the super deep lap swimming end. He was having so much fun. When he came up to me when it was over he wanted to show me how he had jumped in by himself (like you couldhave peeled my eyes off him I had seen every breath and stroke that little man had taken lol) but the teacher let him jump in to her. He was so proud. He told the teacher all about practicing last night. I think working with me gave him confidence and made him realize it is fun. Soooo one thing I was dreading down only oe to go. The soccer game tonight. (insert dramatic music here) Yes I'm considering setting at the opposite end of the field from JD. lol. Hey you do what you gotta do to keep a marriage together right? lol. I'll update after the (dreaded, for me only) game.
Trey is the one on the right side of the teacher. If you cant see that face I suggest you click and enlarge that is the face of pride!

After just swimming to about where the boy in the background is.

Face in the water just a kickin!!

Thats him no floaties, full of confidence and having fun. Jumping in by himself.

That blob is my son all theway under water? Do you hear that? NO? cause my heart had stopped. Not because I was scared for him I knew he'd be fine. I was awaiting the coming up and screaming part. It didnt happen.

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