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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not to mention...

Please dont think that I am not excited about our Sophie coming to be with us. I know I really havent said much about her or written anything about my progress but it has truly been uneventful. I have felt great, actually better that before I got pregnant. I am just now starting to "feel" pregnant. At this point I am 31 weeks tomorrow. So that means I have only 9 weeks left to go!! That is at the most. Trey was 2 weeks early so she has a big chance of following or at least being early too. I have also been having those darn braxton hicks contractions forever and I am now going to the chiropractor (I mention the Braxton Hicks and the chiro because those are factors that are merely getting my body prepared to do its natural job and of course the more ready your body is the more prepared it will be to go when baby is truly ready) so all of those factors combined means odds are she will be here early too (not bad early just probably before the official due date. So I am guessing that I have anywhere from 7-9 weeks left. Ahhhh! that is a scary thought. We have so much to do! We just ordered the crib so it should be here anyday.

This is the set we got. It has the changing table and a dresser and 4 in 1 transition crib. It's an espresso color (which to me means dark brown to go with the chocolate colors we will have in the room).

This is the bedding set I think I have decided on. I am even doing a (smaller) chandalier like the one in the picture. Of course the walls wont be pink )this picture has a little too much pink even for me lol but the bedding is what I like not the room design.
Trey likes it too. He wants to get her a teddy bear because he says babies like teddy bears so we have to find her a teddy bear from Trey. I am going to have him pick out a special welcome gift to give to her at the hospital when they meet (maybe it will be a teddy bear but I'll let him pick) and I am also going to have a special gift for her to give to him.
I wanted to make this post because I realized I really hadnt said much at all about Sohpie but not for lack of happiness or excitement but merely for ease of pregnancy. lol. Ya know what they say they squeeky wheel gets the grease and so far no greease needed. Lets hope she stays that way.

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