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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Begins.

Today is my first day off for summer. So far I have helped to shuck, silk and blanch a bushel of corn. I got half to freeze for my labors. I also cut off about twenty something ears for creamed corn. Its amazing how many ears it takes to make a decent amount of creamed corn once you get it cut off. We got 9 cups of creamed corn once we got it all cut off. So I have 2 bags of the most amazing creamed corn ever in the freezer. We are going to can some tomatoes and some salsa too this summer. I am planning on defrosting my freezer this summer so I can be a bit more organized with my frozen foods.I will be headed into town soon to meet Trey and JD. Tonight is Trey's first soccer practice. He is so excited and I am too! Afterwards we are going out to eat. Tomorrow is Trey's last day at daycare for the summer. I am sad about that. Building 3 has been incredible and I love his teacher Mrs. Charis Stone. She is amazing. She is caring and loving. Has the patience of Job and makes each child feel like the are somebody special. She teaches them about A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 as well as how to be good people and treat people kindly and know they are special. Some wonderful things from her, "Kiss your brain" when you have done something smart. "Kiss your heart" when you have done something very kind. They pray at every meal and every snack. oh the more I type the more sad I get. When he goes back in August he will be in building 4 and in pre k. There will also be a new baby at home so he will have some huge changes going on in his little life all at once. I am proud to report (bringing myself back to the present) that he seems to be totally potty trained, yes even at night. He has worn "big boy undies" all night for the past 4 nights with not one accident. He comes to the room to get me about once a night then back to bed. Oh my big boy. I am so proud of you Trey. You are an amazing blessing from God. I could talk about you for days. Anyway...summer is here and the fun has begin.

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