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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The genius begins.

We should have called ESPN to let them know that if they want to start documenting the prodigy from the very very beginning they should show up at the CYSA fields. Yesterday we signed Trey up for his first team sport. We signed him up for CYSA (columbia youth soccer association) soccer. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. We dont know what team he will be on yet but should know within the week. I cant wait to know who his coach is or what his team name/mascot will be. A coworker has said I can buy her grandchildrens cleats (thank you Susan they fit him perfectly!) So we have cleats already and he tried them out in the yard. He said they make him run super fast. lol. I cant wait to see him out there running around with the herd of other kids not really sure what they are running for but just knowing they are having a blast. I will be out of work for the summer on June 9 and Trey will be out of School on June 11. I have been trying to come up with stuff for us to do this summer to keep him occupied and learning and busy (we all know he's a little social butterfly and loves to get out and about) and I dont want him couch potatoed and bored all summer. But I cant get us too busy cause I will be 8 and 9 months pregnant. So soccer is on the list. The season is 7 weeks long (we should be done before Sophie's arrival date) and all the practices are in the a.m. during the week and all the games are at night during the week so JD should be able to be there and it shouldnt take up all weekends. I am also planning on swimming lessons (those are important), we will go to the library for their programs and I want to take him to the Jacksonville Zoo once. There is also a VERY tentative plan to try to get us to Disney World before Sophie gets here. One last hoora for our little only child. Did I mention I was going to try not to plan too much lol! Yea I know it's me were talking about here. lol

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