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Friday, June 11, 2010

He shoots, HE SCORES!

Well not yet but he loves saying that and he is working on it. Trey is on the Krystal Scramblers team. His coach is Coach Cox and he seems great. Very patient and kind. When we first got there we had mentioned that the coach would have a red shirt on. So he walked right up to him and said "Are you Coach Cox? I'm Trey Tyre" The coach laughed and stuck his hand out to shake Trey's hand and Trey misunderstood and tried to hand him his soccer ball. Everyone thought tat was funny. Trey loved it. After it was over I asked him if he liked it he said "I loved it!" The game schedule is pretty rigerous but hey thats what its all for right? All the games will be over before Sophie is due and thats a gooood thing. I have had a few people tell me they wanted to come to one of Trey's games so I will list all of his games dates and times on here. He would be the most thrilled kid in the world to have his own little cheering section of suprise visitors so if you want to come we would love to have you. I suggest you bring a chair (there are bleachers for them games but I dont know how filled up they will get and you dont want to have to stand) and some water and a hat or sunglasses as it is hot out there! There seems to be some really nice parents and kids on our team too.

Daddy getting Trey all suited up since Mommy had no clue how to put all that stuff on.

Before practice. Isn't he just so cute??
CYSA - Columbia Youth Soccer Association. Thats the league.

It's hot out there! Gotta stay hydrated arent they so cute?

Told ya it was hot. He looks like a little beet. No thats not sunburn, just pure heat.

He looks like a pro hu?

Everybody practicing controlling the ball and not using hands. That is a hard thing for kids this age to get apparantly and very important in soccer so they work on that and just controlling the ball a lot. He's in the white shirt second from the front. He does really well. Keeps the ball close (Doesnt just kick it as hard as he can) but controls it and keeps it close and moving down the field. He did super with taking his turn and sharing etc. At the end of this drill when they got to the coach (not in the pic but where they are headed) Coach Cox yells "now when you get to me turn around and go back to Mrs Cox" (his wife obviously who is the asst Coach) Trey was right at him when he said that and Trey stops and looks upa t him and says ) loud enough for all of us parents to hear, "But thats who you are!" The coach told him "no MRS Cox." everybody thought it was pretty funny.

All of his games will be played at the CYSA field behind Summers Elementary on McFarlane.
Trey's game schedule:
6/22 - 6:40 pm
6/24 - 6:00 pm
6/29 - 6:00 pm
7/01 - 6:40 pm
7/12 - 6:00 pm
7/15 - 6:40 pm
7/19 - 6:00 pm
7/20 - 6:00 pm
7/27 - 6:40 pm
7/29 - 6:00 pm
8/03 - 6:40 pm

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