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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy having fun.

It's good when you are busy, having fun that is. Last Thursday we finished the day going to Trey's soccer game. It was so hot I felt like I was wrapped in ceran wrap. Truly. Awful. He did better though. His team won! 5-2. The only problem was 2 of his best buds were on the opposing team. Drew and Davion. So it was one big reunion and unfortunately they wanted to play with each other the whole time. The whistle would blow and they wold run to each other and play. lol. He is doing better though. He is swimming like a fish. He is now the best swimmer in his class. We learned a little secret with him. There was one boy in his swim class that had taken swim lessons all last summer so he was a great swimmer. Well we told Trey to watch him. When it was this little boy's turn watch him and see what he did and copy it. Try to do what ihe was doing. I noticed him intently watching him on his turn. NOw he is a better swimmer than this other little boy. Sooo we are trying this with soccer. We told him to watch the coaches son and is probably older than the rest since he is like way taller than all the other kids and he is really good he usually runs that ball on the field. So maybe it will work here too. I think he does learn well by watching the example of a peer and I KNOW he is very competitive (like Selena) so I think he doesnt like being told to watch someone else to get better.

Saturday JD was off work so we all went to swim class then went to the movies to see "Karate Kid" I think once we get Sophie here and settled in we will try karate classes. He liked it a lot but there was more action in the original Karate Kid movie plus considering it was the first nonanimated movie he had seen in the theatre and he was tired he did great. Saturday we got up early (well early for most other folks but not for us with our little alarm clock, Trey) We all went fishing. It was great. We got breakfast at Pardees (which the world knows as hardees) and ate as we rode in the boat. It was great. Peaceful, quiet etc. Perfect. Then we started fishing. We let Trey of course reel in all the fish we caught which was only 3 fish this time but 2 of the red bellies were a pretty good size. Then we pulled up into turtle springs and swam. Trey loved it. He said he didnt want to swim in the river cause a shark or an angry fish might get him?? but he sailed right off the back of the boat and loved it. Then when we got home and got cleaned up Trey went to Papa's so he could go swimming in Selena's pool and JD and I went on a date to register for Sophie stuff at Babies R Us in Jacksoville. We had a blast registering for things and looking at things. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden. I was soooo full. The weekend was wonderful.

Monday was great with swimming lessons in the morning then Trey stayed with Meme and Papa while I went to the Dr to check on Sophie. She is doing great and so am I. Techincally 8 more weeks to go. I am 32 weeks tomorrow. Yay!!!

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