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Friday, June 18, 2010

Naked on a couch watching cartoons.

Yesterday I went to town to sign Trey up for swim lessons. He will start Monday. They are every day at 9 am for 2 weeks. Ever since Trey's close call last 4th of July in the pool we knew we had to get him in but this is the first chance we have had. I know he will have a blast and hopefully pick up quickly. While I did that Trey wanted to stay with Papa. Here is what he did. First him and Papa wrestled for about 30 mins. (Dont ask me how an 80 yr old man has the energy to keep up with a 4 yr old wrestling and I mean hard wrestling on the floor. lol) Then they drew with sidewalk chalk under the carport. THen they washed the car and of course Trey got wet (cant imagine how lol) but you cant watch cartoons wet so Trey had to strip down naked so Papa could dry his clothes. You cant watch cartoons wet but apparantly the naked is the proper attire for cartoon watching. Oh and when I got home (yes Trey was now dressed) he came running out to the car saying "guess what I've got Mommy, APPLES ON A STICK!!". THis my dear friends is nothing more than peeled sliced apples stuck on tooth picks. But it is the coolest ever. I think the fact that Papa did it helps.

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