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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's festivities!

Today is Friday and we crossed off 2 more things on our Summer Fun To Do list. We made our bird feeders from kits that Nana bought for Trey and Selena. Haley (Selena's friend) was here too and helped. They colored then and then it was up to me to figure out how to fold them so they were right. Talk about oragami! lol. I got it though! Arent they cute? I think so. Hopefully the birds think so too. Trey cant wait to see if a bird will eat from it. I really hope he can see one. Nana and Meme were both here to help or watch the melee, umm I mean construction zone as it were lol.

This one is Selena and Haley's

This one is Trey's.
After lunch and nap time Selena and Haley had decided nap time was not for them so they had gone home. We decided that we needed donuts. Soooo donuts were born. We fried the biscuit dough and dipped it in vanilla glaze. MMMMMmmmm. Ok, so they weren't Krispy Kreme but in a pinch they'll do. Hey it's fried dough and sugar in a semi-liquid form what can be bad? Trey had the very important responsibility of poking the hole in the biscuit. He enjoyed this and took it very seriously. Ok not seriously as he kept saying he wanted to make them silly but did great at it. He even helped me drop them in the oil (yessss people I was very careful). Can you tell some of the holes are missing? Looking at them I think they need more glaze. Gotta go.

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