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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fun To Do list.

I dont want Trey to be bored this summer so I have tried to think of lots of fun things to do. Now I have so many things I want to do with Trey and Selena I need to put them somewhere so I can remember what all I wanted to do soooo I will put them here. I am also going to cross off each one as we do it and put the date. Some are ongoing. Yea, I'm organized (hehe yea right)

~Make edible crayons
~Can tomatoes( 6/23/10)
~Make and can salsa
~Make bird feeder(6/18/10)
~Swim lessons(6/21/10 - )
~Soccer Games (6/22/10 - )
~Library programs (6/16/10),

~Jacksonville Zoo (Sante Fe teaching Zoo will have to do for now 7/30/10)
~Make Banana bread
~Go to the Fl Museum of Natural History (7/18/10)
~Teach Trey his phone # and address
~Make fried donuts(6//18/10)
~Make butter
~pick blueberries (6/14/10),
~Make bread
~Slip-N-Slide, wet swing set(6/14/10),
~Make ziploc ice cream
~Make tie blanket for Sophie, teaching Trey to tie knots(hopefully 1st step to tying shoes) (7/30/10 I did this alone, Trey wasnt the least bit interested in helping)
~Go fishing
~Make homemade pretzels (7/1/10)
~Snow cones
~Make cookies
~Make gummy bears
~Go on family vacay to Nickelodeon resort or beach(7/22/10) beach (7/9/10)
~Make sure Trey knows #'s 1-10
~Brush up on Letters A-Z
~Brush up on writing Trey's name
~Finger Paint
~Backyard camping trip
~Free movies on Tues and Wed
~See Karate Kid with JD and Trey
~See Toy Story 3(6/19/10)
~Give Trey a little sister hehe!

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