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Friday, May 14, 2010

Trey of the Day.

Fl pest control had been doing it wrong all these years. I saw a spider on the kitchen floor the other day and JD wasnt around. Now this was a fat spider! Like FAT not PHAT! It was either obese or pregnant. I didnt wantt o squish it in fear that if it was fat all those guts would go allove the kitchen floor and if with spider all those teeny spider babies would run all over (*shudder* it has happened to me before) so I threw a glass over it and Trey walked in. He asked me what was under there. I told him I had a spider under the glass and he of course told me to yell for the bug man (this is JD) I reminded him Daddy was gone to work already. He immediatly said "Can I pee on him?" HU?? I said no! Not on the kitchen floor! After about 30 seconds of both os us standing there staring at the glass not really knowing what to do he says in all his genius, "Mommy I have a good idea. You can pick him up and put him in the toilet and I can pee on him then." Not being able to come up with a reason why we shouldnt do this I said " ok." So I slid a piece of cardboard under the glass picked it all up as he ran into the bathroom getting ready to peepee. I slid the cardboard out and he plopped into the toilet. Trey said, "awesome" and did his thang. Yes I will answer the question that is on all your minds. He hit him. Dead on. He even followed him as the poor unsuspecting spider flinched and tried to run (did not seem to be easy on the side of a slick toilet bowl being battered by a good stream of pee.) So to FLorida Pest Control, You dudes been doing it wrong all these years. THAT is how you kill a spider. boo yow~! Having a boy is a daily adventure that I love!

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