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Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Infused.

I am 25 weeks pregnant today. YAY! I am also setting in thhe hospital. No not the 3rd floor delivery ward but the 5th floor infusion room. I am severly anemic again. So I have to have 2 iron infusions. It is a total pain and feels like a waisted day to me. I got here at 8:00 am and right now it is 2:10 pm. I just set here in a hospital recliner ina room with about 8-10 other chairs and set here with an IV in my hand. I cant feel the stuff going in but the IV hurts. Its boring and uncomfortable in this chair and I am sleepy from the benedryl they give to try to keep down reactions but I cant sleep cause its uncomfy. But ya know what? THe other people in here are here for chemo treatments so I am soooo not complaining. I have to have another one in 2 weeks *sigh*. Trey is with momma and daddy so he hishappy as a bird with a french fry. Tonight we are going to meme and papa's for a fish fry. yum. I got bento's for lunch. I love JD. He knows what I like. I am setting here watching the shuttle launch for the last time due to budget issues. Maybe they will getit off the ground but who knows. Those shuttles and just billion dollar hoopties.

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