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Friday, May 14, 2010

A super happy mothers day to me.

Mother Day rocks. My boys make sure of that. Friday when I dropped Trey off at daycare (which I dont usually do but this time I wanted to take his teachers something for teachers appreciation day so I took him) I'm glad I did though because the kids had made muffins the day before and cards and little gifts. They gave the moms muffin and juice and our gifts. They had attached 4 popsicle sticks to make a frame and there was purple glitter all over it. There was a picture of Trey in it with a sequined jacket on and rock star sunglasses and he was holding a rock star guitar. The bottom of the frame said "mom you rock". After work I got trey and we went to ome Depot and he picked Meme out 2 potted flowers. THen JD took us to the mexican restarant we all love. Especially Trey. That night JD couldnt wait to give me my mothers day gift. I got my #15 Broncos Tebow NFL jersey. I love it. I love that he knows me and was actually thinking of me when he did that. I love him. The next day I took Momma grocery shopping and Papa kept Trey. JD jad to work. Sunday JD gave me a beautiful corsage. We all got to go to church and Trey was great! That night we went to Momma's and we had a BYOM party. Thats bring your own meat. The boys (JD) grilled them outside and all we had to do was bake potatoes and fix a salad. JD did a great job on the steak. It was so yummy and I dont usually like steak. Then we did presents and I got cards. It was a great weekend. I am blesses to be JD's wife and the mother of his children.

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