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Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 17 - Trey's Bday party!

We had Trey's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's on April 17th and it ws great. Two thumbs up. THey had everything set up they took everything down and brought everything to us and they even helped me get stuff out of the car when we arrived. It was great to have a wonderful party he loved and I didnt have stress or weeks of prep or hard work. Everyone had a great time, even the adults as you can see in some of the pictures. We had spiderman cupcakes, lots of pizza, a veggie tray, a wing tray and all the drinks we could handle. Trey is still talking about it when he see's a commercial on tv. He got to star in the Chuck-E-Cheese live show where Chuck E comes out and dances and sings. He loved it. We had lots of people come and even Trey's Best friend from daycare was there, John Robert. They were so cute. Arianna from church was there with her parents Richie and Prissy. Mia and her mommy and daddy jimmie and Megan. Jimmie's Dad even got to be there as he was visiting from Canada. Of course Aunt Karen and Uncle Jus were there. Beth was there. Meme and Papa, Jen and of course Selena and even Nana and Pa got to come from Alabama. We had a regular UN meeting there lol. He got lots of cool presents. Meme and Papa got him his own digitial camera. He loves it. It is so easy to use. He got coloring books. Thomas the train sets (that was from his other BFF Drew that couldnt be there but brought him a gift to daycare.) He got books, Monster truck sets, awesome clothes and when he got home we had his big boy bike waiting in the living room for him. We had the spider man helmet on it that Nana and Pa got him. He cant ride it yet because it is so lumpy with the dirt and grass and the ground is uneven and the training wheels get stuck on a pile of dirt and he cant move. So we go almost every night down to Meme and Papa's so he can ride under their car port. He loves it. I am so thankful for all the great friends and family that make Trey feel so special and loved. It really does take a village and I am so blessed to be in such a great village!

Karen, Beth, Megan and Zoe.

Trey with his birthday crown on.

JD and his "matcher" going inside to get ready to have a blast worthy of a 4 yr old.

Trey and his "matcher" batteling it out on air hockey.

Trey I am so proud of you and so thankful you chose me as your mommy. You are such a big boy so soon that it brings tears to my eyes. You are a caring, sweet, thoughtful, smart, handsome young man and I am proud to call you my Son. I know you and Sophie will be bes friends for always and she cant wait to meet you, just as you cant ait to meet her. I thank Heavenly Father evey night for giving you to me. I wonder if he knew was he was doing giving little ole me such a special spirit to take care of but I will do my best. You are incredible and I love watching you grow. You are still and will always be the best "snuggle bunny" in the world. I love you. Oh and you dont have permission to turn 5. lol.

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