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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rewind - Friday - A good Friday.

Friday was good Friday so I was out of school and it was the start of my Spring Break. Trey's daycare was closed too so we had a day together. I was trying to get a little cleaning done and Meme and Papa and Selena came to help. I was determined not to clean the whole day though because the weather was absolutely glorious. So at lunch time we went into Ft White and got some sandwiches at Subway, Trey got a little pizza (they are actually pretty good) and we went into Deese Park where they have a really nice pavilion with picnic tables. So we ate there. It was so much fun. Trey gobbeled down his pizza! THe breeze was blowing and it was sunny, the perfect picnic. Trey even told me "mommy you made the best picnic ever". Ahh validation! Then we went to the playground at the baseball fields and Trey and Selena played. They really had fun. It's a pretty nice playground especially for Ft White. Trey was getting tired so we came home and took a nap. It was the perfect day. It lived up to its name, Good Friday.

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