More Spice than Sugar.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well kiss my blarney stone!

Yesterday was St. Patricks day. Trey took green rice Krispy treats to daycare to his party. He had a real live Leprechan visit his classroom! One of them was a naughty little leprechaun. It ransacked their room, overturned their chairs, left footprints and even left gold coins (of the chocolate variety) all over. Can you believe that guy? Well thank goodness he has an wonderful teacher because she caught him! thats right she caught the leprechaun and made him give them all little gifts. I love his daycare and his room and teachers so much you have no idea! I love them so much I dont ever want him to leave them and it makes me sad that he will have to in August (he will be 4 already but they have to wait until August when school starts and the older kids go to kindergarten then everyone moves up). We will miss Mrs Charis and Ms Register. snif.

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