More Spice than Sugar.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A good Saturday.

The day after Good Friday was just as good. We went to Meme's house and met Selena and Jen there (JD had to work. The other funeral director had back surgery so JD has been on call straight for about 2 weeks and they got super busy!! So he has been working his butt off poor man.) We went to dye eggs (or as Trey calls it kill the eggs). We dyed 7 dozen eggs. lol yea we like dying eggs. we had a blast. Then we ate sandwiches on the deck. Trey enjoyed his picnic from the day before so much that I put a blanket out on the grass and he and Selena ate their lunch on the blanket. Picnic #2. Some neighboors came by with their bunny rabbit. Trey told her it wasnt the Easter bunny cause the Easter bunny came to his school and this bunny was way too small. Then we tried to play some egg toss games and the egg on a spoon race. Trey still isnt the greatest looser (what 3 yr old is though) so that didnt go so well plus he was getting really tired. We went home for naptime and then after a good nap we wenat back for round 2. We decorated Easter cookies. We decorated and baked about 5 dozen cookies. Trey has gotten into loving my camera and taking pics. Some of the pics are the ones he took. I think they are pretty good. I see a potential birthday gift for my little budding photog. lol. While all the cookies baked we sat on the deck and ate push pops. Another perfect day.

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