More Spice than Sugar.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This was another great day with only 1 drawback. The drawback was that JD had to work but being so great he found time to make it back to eat with us and be here for the egg hunt. Since we had just done the house we had everyone come here for easter. I cooked most of the food. We had ham, mac n cheese, potato salad, deviled eggs, a pickle and olive tray, stuffed celery, orange jello salad and candied sweet potatoes. Everything was delicious. after everyone gorged on lunch we went outside and had an egg hunt for Selena and Trey. Sleena is soo great about letting him find the eggs. She always has been. She is the best big sister he could have asked for (wink) lol. Then for dessert we had pie extravaganza! We had Chocolate, lemon cream, coconut cream and assorted cheese cake flavors. MMmmmmmm. After we ate more *ugh* Selena and Trey went outside and played one of his games called "Splashy the Whale" they loved it. They got splashed pretty good by ole' splashy. Then inside for naptime. JD had gone into work first thing in the morning then come hom eto eat with us and be here for Trey's egg hunt then went back to finish up. Then finally he got to come home. We went on a short 4 wheeler ride and helped Trey climb a tree. It was a perfect day(except for JD having to run so much and work, I love that guy!). The perfect Easter.

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