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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Super Rewind. Today is Thursday April 2.

Today was Trey's Easter party, egg hunt and April birthday party. I took off work early and got to go. It was soo good. Yet another rave for his daycare! I love them. I love his room and I love his teachers. They make every child feel soooo good and they make everything soo nice. I helped "hide" eggs. I put hide in quotations because when I say hide for about 50 3-4 yr olds I mean we tossed them around the play ground and all over the equipment in plain sight. lol. They had made adorable baskets out of the bottom of milk jugs and glued cotton balls on them to make them look like little sheep. So after a quick visit from Scooby Doo they lined em all up on the wall outside and let em go! Like kicking an ant bed. It was great. Trey was so good and happy with waht he found. He imediatly spotted the Easter Bunny when he came up. Trey gave up his egg hunt and went straight for him. He high fived him and gave him a hug then straight back to the hunt. He found plenty of eggs. There were plenty for everybody. Then we went inside and had cupcakes, ham, cheese, crackers, gummi candy, cheese puffs, green juice (which Trey declared was "dewishes" because it "tasted just like green beans", dont ask me). Then after that we did the April Birthday parties. Trey was the only April bday to celebrate. Everybody in the class sang happy birthday to just him and he absolutely beamed. I have never seen hims so proud or happy. Then we had more cupcakes. But these were different cause they were birthday cupcakes not Easter ones. lol. I had brought a Wolverine pull apart cake . He loved it and all the other kids (especially the boys) were in love with it. It was a great day. The first in a string of great days.

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