More Spice than Sugar.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 1 of my Spring Break.

I got up got JD and Trey off to School and work and set to getting my Easter decorations down. There is a movie Trey wants to see called "How To Train Your Dragon". I went and picked up Meme and Selena and then we went and suprised Trey by picking him up early from daycare. We went to watch the movie. He LOVED it. He was up screaming for Hiccup (the good guy) and yelling that he was gonna slap that bad dragon. When we left there I went and did my grocery shopping and then got the invitations for Trey's bday party. They are cute little party hats. Came home and Trey fell asleep because I had picked Trey up right before nap time. When he woke up he said he wasnt feeling well. He said he was a little achy and his throat hurt. He has had a couch for a little bit but I was pretty certin it was allergy as the world is yellow right now. (thanks pollen!) He got better even wrestled but then felt worse. Who knows. Great day I Just hope Trey isnt getting sick.

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