More Spice than Sugar.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2nd day of my spring "break".

I thought Trey figured out that I was staying home and was claiming he was sick. He's had a cough for a while and I felt like it was allergies (since the world is yellow right now) he said he was sick and had a pretty good cough soooo I let him stay with me. There goes me getting anything accomlished. He acted like he didnt feel good either. By the time JD left for work he was acting fine and I thought I had been snookered. We went to town and had lunch at McDonalds. He was sooo good. H ewas coughing quite a bit though and starting to act sleepy. we went to 2 stores to try to get my curtains for the house (which they dont make anymore ugh) and he wsa very tired so I gave up and we came home. I didnt really get much accomplished but I had a good day with Trey. He decided he likes school and wants to go tomorrow cause he is bored being at home. lol. I put him out on the back patio tonight with some chalk and he drew 2 secret service agents for Sophie and 2 for himself. Hmmmmm. JD worked on some little touch up things in the house and other than laundry and a little in the guestroom I didnt get much accomplished. So much for Spring "Break".

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